Samsung Customer Service is Terrible

I am not usually one to launch a public complaint but I have a problem with a Samsung product and I would like to warn anybody thinking of buying a Samsung product of my experience with a defective Samsung television and the manner in which Samsung customer service or lack of customer service deals with warranty issues. In short their product and their customer service sucks!

I bought a Samsung LNT5265 52 inch LCD TV eleven months ago from Future Shop in Toronto Ontario Canada. I thought it was a sleek looking Television with a great picture. I opted for an extended warranty plan which the salesman told me would be a replacement policy for four years.

All was fine until after about ten months a few pixels appeared to be dead or burned out. Over the next few days the dead spot on my Samsung LCD TV started growing. I called Future Shop customer service and based on the date of purchase and the contract ID on my sales receipt, they directed me to Samsung Customer Service.

Samsung Customer Service and repair company RAYJAC

I called the Samsung Customer Service Centre on September 12, 2008 and they informed me that a person from a company called RAYJAC electronics would come to inspect the problem with the TV and instructed me to supply the technician with a copy of the bill.

A repair tech came to my home on September 16, 2008 and played with my converter for a few minutes. He concluded that the TV picture could not be fixed and a replacement panel was to be ordered.

On September 30, 2008 after two and a half weeks I called RAYJAC - the authorized Samsung repair shop in my area of Toronto - to follow up on my repair. The phone rang non stop with no answer. Strange, I thought, in 2008 no voice mail or answering machine? I was busy, so my wife volunteered and called Samsung with some concern. The Samsung customer service representative placed her on hold while they tried to contact somebody from RAYJAC. They came back apologetic as they could not reach anybody either. They promised to get back to us within 24 hours.

Nobody called us within 24 hours. In fact nobody from Samsung or RAYJAC ever called us back.

On October 2, 2008 I called Samsung again. Along with all the "press one for English", "press 4 for consumer electronics",  "press one for televisions", then the annoying bad music and waiting while a representative becomes available. Finally a Samsung customer service agent answered the phone. After telling my bad experience with my Samsung TV story AGAIN, I was put on hold AGAIN while they called RAYJAC. They came back and told me they spoke to RAYJAC and that the part for my defective Samsung Television was back ordered and would be in within three days.

On October 8, 2008 I still had not heard back form Samsung or RAYJAC. I called Future Shop as Samsung was not helping me at this point. Future Shop told me that could not do anything to help until the repair order was over sixty days.


Shame on you Future Shop! Shame on you Samsung!

OK, so now I am forced to call Samsung again. They again put me through Samsung customer service hell with the music, the holding, the press this and press that. AGAIN I am left on hold to rot for what seemed like forever before they come back on the line and tell me that the part had been ordered on October 3 and should be in within three days. Three days B.S. again? I heard that line on October 2nd when I called Samsung.

The technician visited me on September 16 so why was the part not ordered until October 3, 2008? Something did not sound right. I am in the service industry and thought this amount of time to try to get a television repaired was unacceptable. I asked to speak to a Supervisor.

I waited on hold AGAIN for a while and a guy came on the phone claiming to be a Supervisor of the Samsung Customer Service Center. I calmly went over the facts with this man who went by the name Justin. I asked him for his last name or employee number but he declined for "security reasons". Really? what threat am I? I just want my TV fixed or replaced! Finally he said I am Justin T and that is all I will tell you.

Justin the supervisor did not care at all about my problems with the product I purchased - that his company had  produced. He sounded a little slow in the mind and kept repeating mantra that he had memorized from some employee handbook as to the extent of his inability to help me.

So now Future Shop the national retailer that sold me this piece of crap Samsung TV could not help me, Samsung, the Japanese corporation that designed and built this crappy television could not help and I am at the mercy of some repair shop named RAYJAC that waited weeks to order the part I needed and will allegedly repair  my unit once it arrives?

Based on my experience I would strongly advise anybody who is thinking of buying or purchasing any new LCD or Plasma television - Do No Buy a Samsung product. My Samsung TV is Bad - Defective - No Good - Crappy - Garbage. Samsung customer service is useless. Now that almost a month has passed I feel Samsung scammed me with inferior product and a warranty that is good for Nothing.

On October 16 I got a call from RAYJAC stating that they had my part and booked an appointment for the following morning between 9am and 11am. The following day they showed up as agreed and replaced the panel on my television.

The guys from RAYJAC were very nice, professional and informative. Since I had purchased an extended warranty for this unit, we laughed that we would probably see a lot of each other over the next few years.

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Last updated Friday October 17, 2008